Soal Jawab Cerdas Cermat Bahasa Inggris SD SMP MTS SMA MA SMK


Soal Jawab Cerdas Cermat Bahasa Inggris

Soal dan Jawab Soal Cerdas Cermat Bahasa Inggris SD SMP SMA SMK.  Lomba cerdas cermat kemungkinan besar berasal dari tradisi lomba akademik yang sudah ada sejak lama. Lomba cerdas cermat telah berkembang dan beradaptasi seiring dengan perkembangan teknologi dan budaya. Konsep ini berkembang dan diterapkan oleh banyak sekolah dan institusi pendidikan.  Lomba cerdas cermat diujikan di banyak negara di seluruh dunia. Lomba cerdas cermat merupakan bentuk kompetisi akademik yang populer dan banyak digunakan oleh sekolah dan institusi pendidikan untuk memotivasi siswa dan meningkatkan prestasi akademik mereka.  Lomba cerdas cermat dapat bervariasi dari satu negara ke negara lain. Namun prinsip-prinsip dasar tetap sama. Lomba cerdas cermat dalam bahasa Inggris dikenal dengan nama "Quiz Bowl" atau "Scholastic Bowl". Ini adalah bentuk kompetisi akademik yang menguji kemampuan siswa-siswi dalam berbagai bidang studi, seperti sejarah, sosiologi, ilmu pengetahuan, matematika, dan bahasa. Lomba cerdas cermat biasanya terdiri dari serangkaian pertanyaan yang menguji siswa-siswi untuk menunjukkan kemampuan mereka dalam berpikir kritis, menganalisis informasi, dan menjawab pertanyaan yang sulit. Lomba cerdas cermat dapat menjadi landasan bagi siswa-siswi untuk memperluas pengetahuan mereka dan membangun kepercayaan diri. 


1.  When the telephone rang, she _____ aletter.

A.    waswriting

B.    will write

C.    writes

D.    has written

2.  "What do you do?""_____"

A.    I'm atypist.

B.    I'm type letters.

C.    I'm a typer.

D.    I'm typing a letter.

3.  He went to school _____ five.

A.    at theage of

B.    at age of

C.    by age of

D.    at the age

4.  They _____ once a week.

A.    bought

B.    was buying

C.    went to shops

D.    wentshopping

5.  I _____ English since I was atschool.

A. didn't speak

B. speaking

C. don't speak

D.  haven't spoken

6.   I can only see _____.

A.    a little bottles

B.    a fewbottles

C.    a few bottle

D.    many bottles

7.   He isn't in London now because he _____ to theContinent.

A.    has gone

B.    has been

C.    was going

D.    will going


8.   "_____ I open the window?""Yes, please."

A.    Must to

B.    Will

C.    Would

D.    Shall

9.  How _____ of matches have we got?

A.    much box

B.    many box

C.    much boxes

D.    manyboxes

10.      If it _____ nice tomorrow, we'll goto the zoo.

A.    will be

B.    is

C.    will

D.    would be

11.      When did you _____ that photo?

A.    make

B.    made

C.    do

D.    take

12.      They won't do that, _____?

A.    will they

B.    won't they

C.    did they

D.    will they not

13.      We _____ the sights of the city.

A.    will shown

B.    wereshown

C.    have showing

D.    were showed

14.      Do you think it _____ soon?

A.    is goingto rain

B.    has rain

C.    is raining

D.    rains

15.      It was so late that I _____ take ataxi.

A.    had to

B.    was to

C.    have to

D.    Must


16.      To travel from England to Scotlandyou _____ a passport.

A.    mustn't have

B.    don'tneed

C.    haven't got

D.    needn't

17.      I asked him what _____.

A.    he is reading

B.    did he read

C.    was he reading

D.    he wasreading

18.      He had done that before, _____ he?

A.    didn't

B.    done had

C.    wouldn't

D.    hadn't


19.      If you _____ me the book, I'll readit.

A.    will lend

B.    lend

C.    lent

D.    would lend

20.      She got married _____ a richbusinessman.

A.    with

B.    ---

C.    for

D.    to

21.      I _____ for this office since Iarrived.

A.    look

B.    am looking

C.    was looking

D.    have beenlooking

22.      I don't like tea: can I have _____?

A.    something other

B.    anything other

C.    other thing

D.    somethingelse

23.      The tour guide _____ someinteresting things.

A.    said

B.    spoke

C.    talked

D.    Told


24.      I was _____ hungry that I ate sixbeef burgers.

A.    so much

B.    too

C.    as

D.    so

25. I’ve been looking for you ______.

A.    somewhere

B.  everywhere

C.  anywhere

D.  all places

26. The problem is _____ in summer.

A.    muchworse

B.    much worst

C.    much more worse

D.    much more bad

27. I was just wondering if she_____ about the tragedy.

A.    told

B.    had beentold

C.    has told

D.    had told

28. He asked me if I _____ to swimacross the river.

A.    could

B.    am able

C.    was able

D.    be able

29. He used _____ cigarettes, but hedoesn't any more.

A.    to smoke

B.    smoking

C.    to smoking

D.    smoke

29. _____ wanted to see you yesterday.

A.    One my friend

B.    One of my friend

C.    A friend of me

D.    A friendof mine

30.  We are a little late - the play _____ begun.

A.    has just

B.    just

C.    is just

D.    had just

31.   _____, please. I'll see if the manager is in.

A.    Ring up

B.    Hold on

C.    Hang up

D.    Ring off

32.   I'm very tired - I _____ all morning.

A.    am working

B.    have beenworking

C.    was worked

D.    work

33.   There was _____ I could say.

A.    anything

B.    everything

C.    any

D.    nothing

34.   _____ going to the party.

A.    Every people are

B.    Everyoneis

C.    Everybody are

D.    Every people is

35.  I'd like to know what you do for _____.

A.    work

B.    a living

C.    a profession

D.    a job

36.  Mark prefers cycling _____ driving.

A.    than

B.    for

C.    to

D.    as

37.   A new motorway _____ here next year.

A.    will build

B.    will have built

C.    will be building

D.    will bebuilt

38. You _____ a university degree for this job. You'll only have to writeletters and answer the phone.

A.    mustn't have

B.    needn't

C.    don'tneed

D.    haven't got

39.   That's the tenth whisky you _____ thisevening.

A.    drink

B.    havedrunk

C.    drank

D.    have been drinking

40. Can you _____ me five pounds?

A.    lend

B.    rent

C.    do

D.    borrow


41. She spends all her money _____ clothes.

A.    in

B.    for

C.    on

D.    to

42. I haven't seen Jenny _____.

A.    for along time

B.    since long

C.    in the last time

D.    lastly

43. How long does it _____ to get to London?

A.    make

B.    take

C.    need

D.    want

44. The whole thing is much simpler _____ you think.

A.    as what

B.    than

C.    like

D.    as like

45. If you can type _____ she can, you are very good.

A.    as quick as

B.    asquickly as

C.    as more quickly as

D.    quicker then

46. He was fined by the police for driving too _____.

A.    hard

B.    fast

C.    fastly

D.    speedy

47. A horrible morning was followed by a torrent of rain _____ afternoon.

A.    on late

B.    latein the

C.    in late

D.    late in

48. We _____ be millionaires one day.

A.  could

B. are able to

C. can be able to

D. will can

49. The policeman warned the photographer _____ too near.

A.    don't come

B.    not tocome

C.    doesn't come

D.    shouldn't come

50. The family lost their money ontheir trip so they’re unable to buy _____.

A. something

B. everything

C. nothing

D.  anything

51. In his spare time he works _____ a salesman for an insurance company.

A.    at

B.    out

C.    as

D.    like

52. How much longer _____ this dictionary?

A.    you need

B.    need you

C.    will youneed

D.    have you needed

53. As soon as I shut the front door I realized that I _____ my key in thehouse.

A.    left

B.    was leaving

C.    had left

D.    have left

54. Please answer ______ questions.

A. they

B. to their

C.  their

D. them

55. He can’t go to see her tonight.He hasn’t got _______ time.

A.  much

B. some

C. any

D. too little

56. Thank you for swinging ______ myhouse tonight.

A. to

B.  by

C. off

D. out

57. What can you see ______ thephoto?

A. on

B.  in

C. onto

D. at

58. The children in that class_______ nine years old.

A. is

B. has

C. have

D.  are

59. I am not good _______ math.

A. in

B. with

C.  at

D. on

60. Timothy is on holiday in Florida and he ________ enjoying himself verymuch.

A.  is

B. was

C. were

D. are

61. She learned ________ Spanishwhen she was a child.

A. speaking

B. to speaking

C.  to speak

D. for speaking

62. It’s such a lovely day. I think________ to the park

A.  I’ll go

B. I’m going

C. I’ll be going

D. I would go

63. I don’t feel very well thismorning. I wish I ________ so much last night.

A. shouldn’t have eaten

B. haven’t eaten

C.  hadn’t eaten

D. didn’t eat

64. ________ to the party tonight?

A.  Is he coming

B. Will he be coming

C. Will he come

D. Is he come

65. We haven’t found the answer________.

A. already

B. not yet

C.  yet

D. so

66. I’ve never drunk ________awful fruit punch.

A. already

B.  such

C. like

D. as

67. I don’t want to watch this film.- ________.

A. I don’t mind.

B. I’m really into it.

C.  I can’t standit.

D. I quite like it.

68. You can ______ either a bus ortrain to get to the city.

A.  take

B. get

C. bring

D. catch

69. You ______when you are tired or bored.

A.  yawn

B. shake hands

C. nod a head

D. blink an eye

70. We cannot _______ with ourhands.

A. wave

B. point

C.  stroll

D. clap

71. Cream cakes are very _______.

A. spicy

B. salty

C. healthy

D.  fattening

72. The driver yelled _______ atthem as they dashed across the busy street.

A. anger

B. angry

C.  angrily

D. angrier

73. We have to _______ a decision.

A. take

B.  make

C. do

D. get

74. _______ I watered the plants,they didn’t grow.

A. Instead of

B. Whereas

C.  Although

D. In spite of

75. He was _______ in a caraccident.

A. wounded

B.  injured

C. shot

D. fainted

76. You can ________ the file fromthe internet.

A. browse

B. save

C.  download

D. install

77. The new club in town is greateven though it’s _______ expensive.

A.  quite

B. a bit

C. a few

D. enough

78. Sorry I’m late. My car_________gas.

A. ran over

B.  ran out of

C. ran about

D. ran off

79. Ababysitter ________ children.

A. looks up

B.  looks after

C. looks at

D. looks out

80. It was dark so she _______ thelights.

A. turned out

B. turned off

C. turned in

D.  turn on

81. The CCTVsecurity camera showed him _______ the hotel at 12.20.

A. coming around

B. coming across

C.  coming in

D. coming to

82. We need a ________ on a chain tosecure our bike.

A. key

B.  padlock

C. keychain

D. knob

82. We use ________ to reach thingson high shelves.

A.  stepladder

B. stairs

C. chairs

D. drawers

83. A ________ is worn around wristfor decoration.

A. earring

B. necklace

C.  bracelet

D. hairpin

84. _________way did she go?

A.  which

B. what

C. where

D. when

85. She played with ________children.

A. another

B.  the other

C. other

D. the others

86. I am walking ________ thestreet.

A. over

B. in

C.  along

D. within

87. I saw him at the beach when hewas supposed _______ in the office!

A.  to be

B. being

C. be

D. to being

88. I couldn’t understand _______made her so upset.

A. why

B. where

C. which

D.  what

89. I find ithard to get used to living in a ________ country.

A. stranger

B. foreigner

C.  foreign

D. abroad

90. It’s okay. you ______ go whenyou have finished.

A. might

B.  may

C. shall

D. will

91. You _______ smoke in the cinema.

A. might not

B. won’t

C.  can’t

D. could

92. John is interested ________tennis.

A.  in

B. at

C. on

D. by

93. He was embarrassed becauseeverybody was laughing ________ him.

A. about

B. to

C.  at

D. with

94. My sister was married _______Daniel.

A. with

B.  to

C. from

D. in

95. Did you _________ the noise justnow?

A.  hear

B. listen

C. listen to

D. heard

96. Ok, this is important. So please_________ carefully.

A. hear

B.  listen

C. listen to

D. listening to

97. We _______ our cousin since2012.

A. didn’t see

B.  haven’t seen

C. aren’t seeing

D. don’t see

98. It _________ wood, but it’sreally plastic.

A. looks

B. sounds

C.  looks like

D. seems

99. Would you ________ if I open thewindow?

A.  mind

B. matter

C. mad

D. okay

100. There wasn’t ________ there atall.

A. no one

B. someone

C.  anyone

D. somebody

101.   Peterhas a younger brother and older sister. He is the _____________ child in hisfamily.

A.  oldest   

B.  middle 

C.  youngest       

D.  younger


102.    Lisacould not find her book. She had _____________ it.

A.  stolen     

B.  left

C.  misplaced      

D.  broken


103. Tokeep our body _____________ we must eat a lot of vegetables and fruits.

A.  exercise        

B.  healthy

C.  unwell  

D.  fit


104.                   Even when people are very _____________accident can happen.      

A.  careful 

B.  happy   

C.  sad       

D.  excited


105.               If we don’t brush our teeth, they willcovered in _____________.

A.  sugar    

B.  poison  

C.  plaque 

D.  gum


106.               Tim gave his teacher the money he found inthe classroom. He was an _____________ boy.

A.  jealous 

B.  honest 

C.  smart    

D.  selfish


107.               This dress does not _____________ me. It istoo tight.

A.  interest 

B.  beautify

C.  comfort

D.  fit


108.               Sarah does not like _____________ to music.She prefers watching movies.

A.  hearing

B.  listening       

C.  playing 

D.  making


109.              Mr. Lim _____________ Sandara for winning thecompetition.

A.  thanked

B.  disappointed 

C.  congratulated       

D.  greeted


110.             I _____________ my friends to come to myparty next week.

A.  invited 

B.  said      

C.  knew    

D.  thought


111.              Last night I _____________ a black cat runinto my house.

A.  see       

B.  saw      

C.  seeing  

D.  seen


112.    Thegirls _____________ going to the movies tonight.

A.  was         

B.  are

C.  did 

D.  have


113.    Ihave been waiting for you _____________ two o’clock.

A.  at   

B.  to   

C.  for  

D.  since


114.   They_____________ saved their pocket money for holiday.

A.  did 

B.  have       

C.  are 

D.  were


115.    Themovie starts _____________ 8.00 p.m.

A.  in   

B.  at   

C.  on  

D.  from


116.    Lisawill sit _____________ her parents at the assembly.

A.  between

B.  under      

C.  across   

D.  around


117.    Pleaseput your book _____________ me so I can see your writing.

A.  Behind

B.  in front of        

C.  on  

D.  between


118.   I_____________ see you at school yesterday.

A.  wasn’t    

B.  haven’t   

C.  amnot    

D.  didn’t


119.    _____________are my glasses? I can’t find them anywhere.

A.  why         

B.  where     

C.  what        

D.  how


120.   Thestudents are allowed to _____________ the library books home.

A.  bring      

B.  leave      

C.  carry       

D.  put


121.   _____________you had your breakfast?

A.  Do 

B.  Did

C.  Have       

D.  Are


122.    Anne_____________ lessons every Saturday.

A.  have       

B.  has

C.      having

D.  had


123.  Momdoesn’t like fish. I don’t like it _____________.



C.           the most   

D.           also


124.    Pleasedrive _____________. It is slippery here.

A.  fast        

B.  cleverly 

C.  slowly   

D.  carelessly


125.   Thatlady is your mother, _____________?

A.  isn’tit?   

B.  isn’t she?      

C.  aren’tyou?     

D.  areyou?


126.    _____________book is that lying on the floor?

A.  which     

B.  why        

C.  whose  

D.  where


127.    Theywere told to put on _____________ coats.

A.  his

B.  her

C.  their      

D.  our


128.    Thegirls are friendly. That’s why I like _____________.

A.  they       

B.  them      

C.  she        

D.  her


129.    If Ihad much money, I _____________ buy a car.

A.  have      

B.  would   

C.  do 

D.  did


130.    Mymom came in when I _____________ cooking.

A.  was       

B.  am

C.  will

D.  were


131.    Lucydropped the honey _____________ onto the floor.

A.  box                           

B.  bag                           

C.  jar                    

D.  glass


132.    Mr.Kim is a _____________. He sells fresh meat at his store.

A.  butcher          

B.  chef                          

C.  cook                          

D.  baker


133.    Ababy kangaroo is carried around in its mother’s _____________.

A.  bag                           

B.  stomach         

C.  fur                    

D.  pouch


134. Shedoesn’t like sharing her food. She is a _____________ girl.

A.  naughty          

B.  mean                        

C.  selfish                      

D.  grumpy


135.    Jason’shair is long. His mom wants him to have it _____________ shorter.

A.  sliced                        

B.  cut                            

C.  chopped         

D.  waxed


136.    Atoaster is used to toast _____________.

A.  pizza                         

B.  pancake         

C.  bread                       

D.  cupcake


137.    Meatof a pig is called _____________.

A.  beef                          

B.  mutton            

C.  pork                         

D.  lamb


138.    Myaunt has a son. He is my _____________.

A.  nephew          

B.  cousin                     

C.  niece                        

D.  brotherin law


139.    Hedidn’t like his job so he _____________.

A.  resigned                  

B.  retired                       

C.  required          

D.  redesigned


140. Thegroup had to _____________ whether they should continue or turn back.

A.  decided          

B.  decision                  

C.  decide                     

D.  deceive


141.    Mybrother likes to _____________ his car everyday.

A.  washing          

B.  washes           

C.  wash                        

D.  willwash


142.    Thegirls _____________ gone for a walk through the forest.

A.  have                         

B.  has                           

C.  had                           

D.  will


143.    Myhouse is _____________ to the park than yours.

A.  near                          

B.  nearer                      

C.  nearest           

D.  nearly


144.    Theseare the _____________ oranges I’ve ever had.

A.  sweet                        

B.  sweeter           

C.  sweetest                 

D.  sweetened


145.    Theboys dived _____________ the ocean.

A.  onto                          

B.  into                           

C.  on                    

D.  in


146.    askedmy dad for some pocket money and he gave _____________ five dollars.

A.  myself                      

B.  my                   

C.  I                       

D.  Me


147.    Thethief _____________ taken to the police station.

A.  has                           

B.  was                          

C.  were                         

D.  will


148.    Doyou know the name of the person _____________ stole the money?

A.  which                         

B.  whom                         

C.  who                           

D.  whose


149.    Thereis not _____________ food for the party.

A.  toomuch         

B.  enough           

C.  toolittle            

D.  afew


150.    Sheenjoys _____________ fancy cakes.

A.  baking                      

B.  bake                           

C.  baked                        

D.  bakery


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